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Sell Your Model Railroad Train Collection

We Purchase Entire Model Railroad Estates

We are confident that BRASSTRAINS.COM, Inc. can be your best source to sell your model train collection!

What is the first step?

Simply send us an e-mail at We are more than happy to discuss your particular situation and the best way to proceed.  

In all cases, we will need the following from you in order to properly appraise your collection:
  • A detailed inventory list - Including information on scale, paint, running condition, additional work, importer, roads, etc.
  • High-resolution, digital photos showing the labels of the boxes legibly and any pertinent details regarding the condition of the models themselves.

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(352) 292-4116

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Do you only purchase brass models?

While we specialize in brass models, we also purchase plastic models, railroad books, memorabilia like railroad lanterns, railroad time tables, and much more. We will help guide you through the best avenue to sell your items, helping make you aware of common pitfalls you can avoid and the primary ways to maximize the value of your items.

How much do you pay and how do you handle large estates?

Though ultimately the final offered price will dictate most decisions, and we pride ourselves in offering above market pricing, there are other things that we feel are important for you to consider. With large collections we can help make the sale as simple as possible, and will handle both the logistics and costs of moving the items. We also take confidentiality seriously, and in the case of estates, we realize that there can be strong emotions involved. Therefore, we make it a point to leave everyone feeling comfortable with the transaction. We do everything in our power to help all parties involved feel they were treated fairly, and that they made the right decision in dealing with our company.

How do I know I will receive your top offer?

We know that you have many options. However, we have a unique approach and an excellent market for high end model railroad items that helps set us apart from our competition. We are transparent in our dealings. We also believe in a ‘top offer’ as a first offer. You won’t have to wonder if you could have just asked for a bit more. We do not expect you to set the price, we set it for you, and oftentimes this is much higher than our customers would expect! 

How long does it take to conclude a transaction?

This is up to you. We will never pressure you to handle something quickly.  It’s very important to us that you are comfortable with the timing and do not feel rushed. We have been around many years, and plan to be around for many more, so we can work at your pace!

That being said, we have a very large amount of capital available, so, though we offer consignment, we always offer a ‘cash’ price and we can back up that offer even for very large collections. It's rare that we cannot move quickly if that is the best option for you! 

What size collections/estates can you handle?

We have handled very small collections, even single items, all the way up through single collections with a market value of nearly $5,000,000. We are confident that we can handle your collection as well. If it is a very large collection, that’s our specialty. However, we realize that the bulk of our business is still made up of much smaller collections, so we try to treat each person with equal importance.

How do I get the models to you?

Logistics will dictate the best option. We will work with you to find the most cost effective option, thereby putting the most cash in your pocket. Sometimes we will fly out, inspect, and pack everything up and then ship it back to our location. More often, we have used PODS, UPS, and YouCrate. We will pay for freighting costs (if you are in the USA), so you never have to wonder what percentage of our offer will go to paying shipping costs. 

Will you give me instructions on how to pack everything if I ship my items to you?

Yes. Please see here for an instructional video on how to best pack your items for shipment. (COMING SOON)

If we ask you to send everything to us, we will need you to pack everything up. We prefer more bubble wrap, and less styrofoam peanuts since they really make a mess. However, we understand that you must use whatever is available to you.

Try to use solid, sturdy boxes. Make sure the boxes are not too overloaded as they will be dropped by UPS from time to time.

Once you have everything packed up as well as reasonably possible (try to make sure the locos are not moving around in their boxes, and the foam is not deteriorating), then please provide us a list with the box size(s) (L x W x H) & weight(s) . Weights can be general, such as from a bathroom scale.

At that time (and depending on the size of the collection), we will forward you pre-paid & pre-insured UPS labels as well as a check for 1/2 the amount of the collection. Our pre-paid labels also include insurance for the amount that we agree to pay for the collection.

Once you get the labels, simply put them on the boxes and drop them off at any location that ships UPS: Staples, Mail Boxes Etc. or UPS itself, or simply give them to your UPS driver if you happen to see him.

Once the items arrive please allow us just a few days to go through the items and be sure they are as represented. Then we will get your 2nd check right out to you!

How do I get paid?

Depending on the size of the collection we can pay by money wire, cashier’s checks, or business checks.  We are also happy to pay with PayPal if that is your preference. (See above for collections that are sent via UPS)

I don't live in / the models I'm selling are not located in the contiguous US. Are the rules any different for international collections?

Yes, though much of the process is the same. Couriers, such as UPS, do not allow us to generate prepaid labels for shipments that originate from other countries. In such cases, the seller will be responsible for payment of shipping, insurance, and any brokerage or customs fees associated with sending the models. Please note that UPS' billing department may take up to 7 business days from delivery to notify us of any pending brokerage or customs fees. Therefore, payment disbursements to international sellers may be withheld for up to 7 business days until UPS has informed us of any additional charges. Any brokerage or customs fees charged to us are passed on to the seller and subtracted from the final payout amount.

Can you provide testimonials?

Absolutely! Below are some testimonials. These are just a few of the hundreds of positive responses we have received. These are all from folks who had very substantial collections worth several hundred thousand, and even a few multi-million dollar collections. However, even if your collection is not that large, your business is very important to us as well. We realize that any size collection includes risk when you choose an out of town dealer, and we hope these testimonials will help put your mind at ease when choosing BRASSTRAINS.COM!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  


My father, Don Drew, was the owner of the model importer Pacific Fast Mail from 1966 until he passed away in 2008.  Based on my father’s previous endorsement and excellent working relationship with Dan, our family consigned the bulk of the PFM collection to BRASSTRAINS.COM to be liquidated.  We have been completely satisfied with the result.  Dan and his crew were invaluable, helping us for a week to organize, catalogue and appraise our collection as a whole.  His accounting and subsequent financial reporting was meticulous, and his position as a trusted reseller allowed him to market our models with success that we could never match ourselves.  He also assisted us in maintaining the PFM (and dad’s) legacy by providing provenance in the sale of special collection items, pilot and advertising models.  In hindsight, I cannot imagine any other way we could have accomplished this daunting task. ... 

Sean Drew WA, USA

A few months ago, I contacted BRASSTRAINS.COM because I wanted to sell my large brass collection located in IL.  The next day, I received a response expressing interest, and a proposed visit date so that Dan could appraise my collection.  He arrived on time and spent almost a full day spot-checking my collection to see that it matched the inventory description and condition I had sent him.  At the end of the day, Dan presented me with an offer somewhat higher than the normal market price for such collectibles, stating that he was very impressed with the quality of the collection and its condition.   Two days later, Dan arrived with his crew to pack up the collection.  Before he left my location, he verified that the amount he had stated would be paid for the collection had been wired to my account.  Dealing with BRASSTRAINS.COM was literally effortless and total satisfying.  --  A very satisfied customer.”  

Steve IN, USA

I have been dealing with BRASSTRAINS.COM for many years as a buyer and was always treated well.   When the time came to sell my very extensive collection of 5,200 plus brass models, they were my first choice.  Dan & Company spent a week in my home packing everything up and they were a good group of people.  I would recommend them to anyone interested in selling a large brass collection!

A very satisfied customer North East, USA