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At BRASSTRAINS.COM, we're all about convenience and making it easier to afford and pay for that special train. That's why we offer a FREE layaway service whereby you can spread the cost of a qualifying order out over several months. However, in order to provide this FREE service, we must closely follow the policy below. Please take note of these before choosing the layaway option.

How do I take advantage of layaway?

  • The order subtotal after discounts must be at least $500
  • Checkout must be made through the secure BRASSTRAINS.COM checkout option (Select Layaway)
  • You must have a registered account with BRASSTRAINS.COM (Registration is free)
  • You must use a credit card for payment. Selecting 'Check/MO' or 'PayPal' as the payment method will deactivate the layaway option. After the initial payment, your card will automatically be charged each month on the scheduled due date until the order is paid in full.

How does it work?

  • Your total order amount will be split into 4 equal payments
  • At checkout your credit card will be charged the first month's payment
  • 25% of the order total is non-refundable and non-transferable to a different order or item
  • If the layaway obligation is not fulfilled you will lose your first payment
  • If any of the scheduled monthly payments become past due, the order will be subject to cancellation and you will lose your first payment
  • If you cancel your order at any time, you will lose your first payment
  • Swapping items is NOT allowed - If you change your mind on an item under the layaway plan it would be equal to cancelling the order and you would lose your first payment. We also cannot switch payments already made and apply them to a different order. 
  • Your credit card will be automatically charged each month thereafter according to the payment schedule listed on your order confirmation until final payment is received
  • Upon final payment, we will ship your item(s)
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are not permitted to "hold" items. The only ways to secure an item are to purchase the item outright or to make a non-refundable, 25% down payment using the layaway plan as specified above.

Can I pay off my layaway early?

Yes! You can pay off your layaway at any time. Simply login to 'My Account,' click 'My Order History,' and then click 'Make Payment.' Once payment for the remaining amount of your order has been received we will automatically ship it.

UPDATED 5/3/2023