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G Scale Model Steam Locomotive from L-G-B Lehmann - Gross - Bahn
  • Very nice model in "Like New" condition that doesn't appear to have been used up to now.
  • Track-tested and runs well. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is quiet, we'd rate the running noise level at 3.
  • Well painted. Please see photos.
  • The original box is included as shown; some minor wear and tear.
  • The following are some facts found on LGB's official website:
It has the following features:
- four-position selector switch for mode of operation
- two encapsulated drives with seven-pole Bühler motors
- six axles powered
- two traction tires
- twelve current pickups
- digital electronic steam locomotive sounds
- steam chuffing synchronized with the motion of the wheels
- bell and whistle sounds
- brake sounds
- air pump, relief valve, the hissing of steam
- sounds of the water jet blast
- volume controller
- remote control of the sound functions (with the multi-train control system)
- voltage limit system
- smoke generator
- flickering light from the fire box
- headlights that change automatically with the direction of travel
- general-purpose electrical socket with a safety feature
Weight approximately 5,300 grams / 11 pounds 11 ounces.
Length over the buffers 94 cm / 37".

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