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HO Scale Brass Model Steam Locomotive from Overland Models, Inc.
  • This model is in "Excellent" overall condition.
  • It's unpainted. Please be sure to check out the pictures.
  • It has an Elesco FWH.
  • It runs well. Has minor hesitation due to missing drawbar wire.  On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is quiet, we'd rate the running noise level at 4.
  • There's excellent detail in the cab.
  • No lights have been installed.
  • The original box and foam are included.
  • There isn't any window glazing.

Condition: Excellent - Light to No Use
Wheel Wear: Little to None
Paint: Unpainted
Rarity: Hard To Find
Brass Guide Information
BG-SKU: 23496
Scale: HO
Importer: Overland Models
Category: Steam
Builder: Ajin
Road: New York Central
Type: Mikado
Description: H-10B
Whyte: 2-8-2
Year(s): 1988
Catalog No: 1453
Notes: UNPAINTED - #212,216 - VESTIBULE CAB - P&LE