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1:32 Scale Brass Model Models from Felix Spring
  • These models are in "Good" condition.  (Please see notes)
  • They have been displayed only, but  there are missing or broken details, though for the most part they seem quite nice.
  • The model is brass, metal, wood, all parts where appropriate.
  • It is electrically powered and runs well.
  • The set originally sold for 14,000 swiss Franc (equal to approx $14,000 USD) but this set contains additional cars to the best of our knowledge.  I confirmed the loco on its own sold for over $5,500 USD.
  • This set has stunning detail, the tender not only has functional leaf springs, but it has an operating brake rigging which actually works through the crank.  An equalized bumper system between the tender and loco, opening hatch with latch on the rear of the tender.
  • The loco features some sort of operating speed control, and stunning real wood wrapped boiler.
  • Each car has full brake rigging (non functioning) operating leaf springs, opening doors, and the enclosed wagons all feature realistic glass (may be plastic) windows, interior lighting, and full interior detail.
  • The cars and loco all have a unique prototypicaly accurate link and chain system to couple.
  • We do not know how many of these sets have been produced but its obviously incredibly rare.
  • NOTE:  As mentioned this set does have some issues.  The loco is missing one step, the #1 red wagon has a missing step, and a missing sway bar and there has been some repair work done to it. 
  • The Blue car has some deck damage and is missing a sway bar.  It also has had some repair work done to it.
  • Its also possible there may be missing parts that we are not aware of, so please closely examine the photos so you know what you are getting.  The price has been greatly reduced to reflect these issues.  I can assure you the model still looks spectacular on display.
  • The set includes the original large box (we believe) however we will have to use some additional boxes to safely protect all the various cars.

Additional info from Felix Spring Catalog
Our model consists of 10'000 parts.
For the construction we only use brass, wood and stainless steel.
The locomotive is electrically powered, but has a smoke generator installed in the chimney.
The internal control, which is not visible, is actuated via four eccentrics as in the original and can be reversed.
The tender brake works like real!
The coupling between the locomotive and the tender is sprung like the original differential.
All axles of the train are equipped with leaf springs and connected with spring-loaded rod couplings.
The car body is made of wood and brass as the model.
A part of the history of the Prototype

150 years of Swiss Railways 1847 - 1997 It all started with the legendary Spanish Brötli Railway on August 7, 1847. "Spanish Brötli" a Baden specialty, extremely popular in Zurich, gave its name to the first train connection in Switzerland. August 8, 1847 when cannon shots announced the approach of the Aargau authorities and guests picked up by members of the Directorate in Baden, who had gone through nearly five hours in 33 minutes. They were greeted by the President of the Directorate, Mr. Escher-Hess, with a fitting address in the richly ornamented courtroom of the station. In the station to Baden, the entrances from the arrivals hall to the reception building were rich and decorated in beautiful groups with flowers and ornamental plants.about the opening ceremony ..... "It might be a little past midnight