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G Scale Plastic Model Locomotive Set from LGB

  • Beautifully Painted - Please See Photos
  • Models are in 'Very Good' condition, they appear to have been displayed and test run only, but they are still a little dusty.  Its also possible a few small details are missing.  Please refer to the photos.  
  • Track-Tested - Runs Well on DC
  • Sound Works
  • Amazing Overall Detail
  • Operating Headlights (3 forward/3 reverse) Operating in cab light.
  • Cars have full interior detail and interior lighting (tested and working).
  • 70685 Set includes 0-6-6-0 Locomotive with Factory Sound.  This loco has been test run only. 
  • The set is a limited edition set produced in 1997 and is very rare and desirable.
  • The boxes are included, however they show wear.
  • The set back had some foam that deteriorated so there are some black marks inside, also it affected the paperwork and certificate that came with the set.  They are included, but are protected in plastic and have residue from that foam on them.
  • Glacier Express Passenger Car - Catalog #36653 which pairs well with the set is also included.  It is in the same condition as the rest of the set.
  • This set consistently sells very well due to its desirability, and we have reduced the standard selling price as this set is not in mint condition.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please note that, if you want this item to be shipped anywhere outside of the contiguous U.S., be sure to ask us for a shipping quote as this is a large item and what you see at checkout may not represent the actual shipment cost.