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Wood & Styrene Craftsman  Structure
15" x 34" x 13.5"

  • Howard Zane Scratchbuilt one of a kind Wood & Styrene Structure.
  • Really unique model instantly recognizable as a Zane structure.
  • This is a huge building, with full interior lighting, and a complete interior, with pits, machinery and figures.
  • An amazing amount of work in this model.
  • It has a lot of great detail, and TONS of character. 
  • This would be easy to slip into a layout, or makes a great little display!
  • Everything you see in the photos is included.
  • NOTE:  There are some issues with this model, there are some missing windows (top parts) the overhead crane is not installed, and does not have easy access.  There seems to be some warping.  A few letters missing on the sign.  All in all I am sure a building like this would get a bit beat up anyhow, but please take a good close look at the photos to see exactly what you are getting.
NOTE: The shipping calculations will not be right on this piece. Please allow for up to 2 weeks of prep time for the shipping option settled upon. ADDITIONAL SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY!