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Hardcover Railroad Book

Train Wrecks

A Pictorial History of Accidents on The Main Line

Published by Bonanza Books

  • This book is in “Very Good” condition. The dust cover shows some minor wear and tear. Some yellowing from age and some minor creases in some of the pages. Overall, however, the integrity and condition of the book are very good. Please be sure to check out our pictures to see what you think.
  • Library of Congress Catalogue Number 68-13249
  • Over 100 years of rail catastrophes illustrated with more than 250 photos and engravings.
Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1: Early Railroad Accidents
  • Chapter 2: The Year the Disasters Began: 1853
  • Chapter 3: The Horrors of Travel
  • Chapter 4: Derailments
  • Chapter 5: Head On Collisions
  • Chapter 6: Rear End Collisions
  • Chapter 7: Bridge Disasters
  • Chapter 8: Telescopes
  • Chapter 9: Fires
  • Chapter 10: Running Gear Failures - Hotboxes and Broken Parts
  • Chapter 11: Runaways
  • Chapter 12: Crossing Accidents
  • Chapter 13: Boiler Explosions
  • Bibliography

Condition: Very Good - Light to Moderate Use
Wheel Wear:
Rarity: Somewhat Hard To Find