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HO Scale Brass Model Steam Locomotive from Fomras
Frisco 4500 Series, 4-8-4

  • This model is hand-built and shows beautiful craftsmanship!
  • It ran well when we track-tested it. It makes some running noise. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is quiet and 10 is loud, we'd rate the running noise level at 5.
  • It features amazing overall detail and excellent backhead detail.
  • This model is scratch built, with a few castings or coining parts.  All of the rivets on the tender are neatly hand-punched.  All of the boiler bands are thin brass belts soldered in place. 
  • The tender has amazing sprung equalized trucks with safety chains.
  • It's unknown if these were ever imported to the USA.
  • The model is just spectacular to look at and appreciate all the hand built details.
  • It's unpainted. Please check out our photos to see this piece of model railroading history!
  • The model comes in the original box (foam has been replaced with REBOXX foam).  Its believed these boxes never had a proper label due to their extremely limited run.

NOTE: Based on the Locomotive this is prototypically a coal burning model. The oil tender seems to be inaccurate but from the maker that way.

Condition: Like New - Test Run Or Displayed
Wheel Wear: Little to None
Paint: Unpainted
Rarity: Rare
Brass Guide Information
BG-SKU: 42993
Scale: HO
Importer: Fomras Models
Category: Steam
Builder: FOMRAS
Road: Frisco (St.Louis–San Francisco)
Whyte: 4-8-4
Catalog No: