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HO Scale Brass Model Steam Locomotive from Pacific Fast Mail

  • This model is in "Very Good" condition, indicating that it shows signs of previous use, including some wheel wear.
  • The paint is not very good; there are a lot of nicks and scratches with brass showing through. It also looks like the painter never got around to painting the underside of the model. Please check out our photos to see what you think.
  • Cosmetically, with 1 being "Mint" and 10 being heavily used and in poor shape, we'd rate the overall cosmetic condition of this model at 6. This rating is mainly for the paint job. The model itself, were it unpainted, would get a better rating, as it looks to be in good shape. We realize that this is subjective, so please be sure to take a look at the pictures so that you can form your own opinion.
  • There aren't any operating lights.
  • We've track-tested it and it runs well. On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is quiet and 10 is loud, we'd rate the overall running noise level at 7, which isn't uncommon with these old open-frame motors.
  • The original box and foam are included. The box shows some typical wear and tear.
  • Please contact us at if you have questions about this model or listing.

Condition: Very Good - Moderate Use
Wheel Wear: Little to None
Paint: Owner Paint - Poor
Rarity: Somewhat Hard To Find
Brass Guide Information
BG-SKU: 26024
Scale: HO
Importer: Pacific Fast Mail
Category: Steam
Builder: UNITED
Description: SHAY
Whyte: 3-TRUCK
Year(s): 1975
Catalog No: P