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Challenger Imports, Ltd. - Pennsylvania Railroad 1938 Broadway Limited 'Fleet of Modernism' 8-Car Passenger Set

  • Baggage Car #6054
  • Dining Car #4422
  • County Series Sleeping Car - "New York County"
  • Imperial Series Sleeping Car - "Imperial Plateau"
  • City Series Sleeping Car - "City of Pittsburg"
  • Harbor Series Lounge Car - "Harbor Springs"
  • Baggage Mail Car #5477
  • View Series Observation Car - "Sky Line View"
  • All Factory Painted
  • Window Glazing and Interior Partitions Factory Installed
  • Parts Bags included for each car

Notes: Original Boxes & Foam Included - The cars are all in excellent condition except for a small scuff in the paint on the back side of the observation car just above the step/stirrup detail. These have been used a little but they are still in Excellent Condition.

NOTE: Outer Cardboard Boxes are NOT included.  Also the observation car is missing the label on the end of the box, however there is a label on the bottom of the box.

Condition: Excellent - Light Use
Wheel Wear: Little to None
Paint: Factory Paint
Rarity: Rare