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Listed below is an index of features to assist you in using this database. 

What is Brass Guide LIVE?

We have developed Brass Guide as a way to help collectors and enthusiasts alike find information and pricing on all models in the brass train industry. Our very first publication - Brass Model Trains Price & Data Guide - Volume 1 (2008 Edition) - started it all, and we haven't looked back. With the production of Volume 2 (2009 Edition), the information just kept growing.

Now, with the introduction of Brass Guide Live (debuted in January 2013), we have developed the ultimate tool for anyone who owns Brass Models. Now you are able to see up to the minute price changes on any model. They reflect the current value of the model if it were sold in mint like condition. We realize that this is probably the most powerful tool in the industry, but we wanted to offer it for free.

The home page contains some of the latest changes and entry statistics to the Brass Guide, while the interior database allows you to search for any model ever produced. To enter the Brass Guide search area simply start entering your search on the left from the filters or click the yellow "View Price & Data Guide" button at the bottom of the home page.


Some of the features of the Brass Guide online database are listed below:

In the navigation bar to the left,you can easily view items that have been placed in your ALERT LIST or PERSONAL COLLECTION. (For more information on these lists, please see the appropriate heading in the HELP section). You can also use the Reset Search feature to clear your current search to the original default position.

Below the QUICK NAVIGATION box on the left are a series of filter boxes that can be expanded and collapsed by pressing on the title or yellow arrow. These filters (SCALE, CATEGORY, SUB-CATEGORY, TYPE, ROAD, WHYTE, IMPORTER, BUILDER, and PRODUCTION STATUS) are auto-populating. In other words, as soon as an item is selected, the search is narrowed and then populated in the MAIN LISTING section. Any combination of filters can be set. For example, if a search were only for models imported by Precision Scale Co., then click on the IMPORTER FILTER and select the appropriate name. To narrow it further to include only NYC models, go to the ROAD FILTER and click on the appropriate name. The final results are then displayed in the listing. Any time there is a number displayed next to a name in parenthesis, for example (195), this represents the total number of items in the database.

The MAIN LISTING is based upon the search input, whether this is done via the TEXT SEARCH or FILTER SEARCH (See How to Search in the HELP section). Initially, all of the results are posted in a quick view format.

For the ultimate in price comparison, there is a PRICE CHART included with most items that shows the history of prices for a model. The current price for any given model that is displayed, is taken from the last published edition as shown in the Title Bar - (Brass Model Trains Price and Data Guide Volume # and Edition #). In addition, the quick   indicator shows the movement of the current price versus the last "published" price. If there is no arrow, then the price has remained the same.

What is a BG # ?

Because there are so many variations of a specific model produced over the years, we felt it important to devise a method to uniquely identify each model. Therefore, we have created the Brass Guide Numbering System (BG #). No number is ever used twice within our system. This identifier also helps in tracking a specific model to be placed in an Alert List or My Personal Collection list. We also include it in any item we list on our site, whether IN STOCK on Classic Brass or for RESERVATIONS on New Brass. You can always search for a specific BG# by entering it into the "Model Search" field at the very top of the page. The format must begin with "BG-" followed by the 5 numerical digits. For example BG-10000
How to Search
There are two convenient ways in which to search for models.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be Logged In to see Price Data and to access features such as My Alert List and My Personal Collection. Registration is FREE.

1) TEXT SEARCH - In the Model Search field located at the very top of this page simply enter in the text phrase for the model you are trying to find. For example, by entering "GP-9" all the models containing that phrase would be returned in the search. Or, you can always search for a specific BG# by entering it into the "Model Search" field at the very top of the page.

2) FILTER SEARCH - To the left, in the Navigation menu, there are several filter options (Scale, Category, Sub-Category, Type, Road, etc.) By clicking on the heading, the filter box is expanded and collapsed. Selecting any combination of criteria automatically populates the models in the listing.

Once a search is narrowed, the listing will produce the models matching that search. By clicking on the image or title (for example, HO Electric Amtrak AEM-7 ) in any row, the Item Detail Page is displayed. In the Item Detail Page, all of the information, images and video will be displayed for that individual item.

To reset a search, simply click NEW SEARCH in the Quick Navigation menu on the top left.

A quick identifier to determine the scope of your search can been seen just under the Title Bar in the YOUR SELECTION area.

Clicking on any of the "x" icons will remove that portion of the filter from your current search.

Reset Search

By clicking on Reset Search in the QUICK NAVIGATION menu to the left, all FILTER BOXES are reset to their original default position.

Can I purchase any of these models?

For your convenience, we have linked models in our database to our current stock and reservation models. If an item is available for purchase, then the icon "ITEMS AVAILABLE" will appear in the listing row with the quantity in stock. Simply expand the listing by pressing the icon. The models will appear at the bottom with a link to purchase or add to your cart.

What is Production Status?

The PRODUCTION STATUS filter box, located in the bottom left navigation bar, is a convenient way to narrow your search. Here are the results of selecting any one of the three choices:

  • ANY = Shows ALL models regardless of their production status (Produced and Future)
  • PRODUCED = Shows only models that have already been manufactured and delivered
  • FUTURE = Shows only models that are scheduled to be produced in the future. Any models that are scheduled to be produced in the future will have this type of icon with the year in blue and italicized. 

What is the Current Price shown?

The "Price" column first of all indicates what price a model with an overall Grade of 9.0 out of 10 could sell for. Of course, other features that have been added such as Custom Paint, Lighting, etc.,to a particular model could certainly raise or in some instances decrease the value if not done well.

In addition, please remember that the "Price" column reflects current prices as shown in our last published version. This version is indicated in the title bar which says Brass Model Trains Price & Data Guide Volume _ and  _ Edition.

My Alert List

The MY ALERT LIST feature is an excellent way to potentially acquire that special model you are looking for. When you search and find the item you are looking for in our Brass Guide, simply locate the following button:

When this button is clicked, the BG # (Brass Guide Number) associated with it will be added to your MY ALERT LIST. Then, when the model becomes available for purchase, you will automatically be notified via your registered e-mail address or SMS text messaging as indicated in your MY COMMUNICATION PREFERENCES section. Please note: You will not receive notification unless one of the preferences are indicated and verified. In addition, you can always select MY ALERT LIST in the QUICK NAVIGATION menu to review or remove your selections.

We MUST mention that our Alert List may not work as other websites do. Please note that other customers may have the same items in their alert list. All email notifications are sent out at the same time to all customers worldwide. Models are therefore available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

My Personal Collection

The MY PERSONAL COLLECTION feature is a handy way to keep track of the models in your personal collection as well as being able to monitor their estimated value. This list is in no way viewable by the public and is for your personal convenience only.

After you have made a search (see How to Search in the Help Section) the results are displayed in a listing. Click on the image or title of the appropriate item in the listing which will bring up the Item Detail Page. At this point look for the following button:

When this button is clicked, the BG # associated with it will be added to your MY PERSONAL COLLECTION list. If you own 1 or more of this item you can adjust the value once the item is added to your list. You can always select MY PERSONAL COLLECTION in the QUICK NAVIGATION menu to review or remove your selections. 

Data Corrections

If there is an error or omission of a model that is found in our database and you have PROOF of such, then we would be happy to have the updated information.

When the row is expanded in the listings page, look for the following icon:

When this icon is clicked, a small window will scroll down from the top of the page. Simply enter in the correct or omitted data for that item and click SUBMIT. The information will automatically be retrieved by our staff for review.

Please note that PROOF of an error or omission is most helpful when:
  • The data comes from the label on the front the original box in which the model was manufactured
  • The data comes from a plate attached to the underside of the model
  • Some official documentation from the Importer/Builder that came with the model
  • Photographic evidence can be provided 

Archival Photos

A new feature with our database will be ARCHIVAL PHOTOS. These are photos which are labeled "ARCHIVAL PHOTOS" that have been taken over the years for a particular model. We will be adding more photos every day. A quick indicator to determine if there are photos for an item is the icon. Simply click on the icon to reveal the images.

COPYRIGHT - All content included on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the property of BRASSTRAINS.COM or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of BRASSTRAINS.COM, with copyright authorship for this collection by BRASSTRAINS.COM, and protected by international copyright laws.

Can I view only models with photos?

Yes. Simply look in the OPTIONS filter in the navigation bar at the bottom left. Click the yellow box for "Show only models with images." A green check mark will appear and the search is automatically populated with ONLY results with images. To remove the check, simply click on the box again and ALL models will appear.

Although this can be an effective way to view images, please remember to deselect this box if you are looking to find ALL of the models within a particular search. Of course, by clicking RESET SEARCH, all of the filters will return to the default mode.
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