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Projects by Union Terminal Imports

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Announced Jan 13, 2020
26 versions

72' Heavy duty flat car, 3 axle truck
3 - Different Paint Schemes
25 - Unique Road Numbers

Accepting Reservations
SP Narrow Gauge "The Slim Princess"
Announced Jun 04, 2018
18 versions

Accepting Reservations
HO Scale Southern Pacific DH643
Announced May 24, 2018
9 versions

Accepting Reservations
Wabash - City of Kansas City 7 Car Passenger Sets/Single Cars
Announced Apr 24, 2018
14 versions

We are pleased to announce production of the Wabash City of Kansas City. The project includes seven car sets in the following configurations;

Configuration 1) Wabash Blue/Natural Aluminum with Railroad Roman lettering, narrow width diaphragms and skirts.

Configuration 2) Banner Blue with Gothic lettering, narrow width diaphragms and skirts.

Single cars are available in Banner Blue lettered Norfolk And Western with narrow width diaphragms and skirts. The baggage/RPO is not available in N&W livery as the car was destroyed in a wreck in 1961. Wabash E7A #1000 is being produced ( UTI # 5525-1 ) and is available for reservation under the tab with the IC E units. Thanks in advance for getting your reservations in early. Production of the Wabash E7A will begin in June with late fall 2018 delivery. Wabash passenger cars are expected early to mid 2019

Accepting Reservations
NS Heritage
Announced Mar 08, 2018
22 versions

Accepting Reservations
SP Passenger GP9s
Announced Oct 12, 2017
8 versions

Accepting Reservations
Pullman 10-6 Sleepers
Announced Apr 20, 2017
31 versions

Accepting Reservations
Illinois Central City of New Orleans and City of Miami
Announced Mar 30, 2017
12 versions

Accepting Reservations