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PRR T-1 (6 Versions)
Announced Apr 24, 2018
6 versions

In the years prior to World War 2, the Pennsylvania Railroad was searching for a way to eliminate double heading of steam locomotives on their passenger trains. In 1942, Baldwin presented 2 prototype 4-4-4-4 T1 Duplexes to the PRR. After 2 years of testing, the PRR persuaded the War Production Board to allow them to produce 50 new locomotives to relieve their aging fleet of K4s.
In 1945, Baldwin was contracted to produce 25 locomotives, numbers 5525-5549; while PRR’s Altoona Works were to produce the other 25, numbers 5500-5524; as well as all 50 tenders for these new locomotives. All were completed by the middle of 1946
These locomotives embodied many firsts for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Just to name a few:
They were the first mass produced, fully streamlined steam locomotives built by/for the railroad.
Every axle was roller bearing equipped
Every locomotive was outfitted with the Franklin Poppet Valve Gear.
A custom built tender with matching streamlining was tailored to match the contour of the passenger cars trailing it as well as the futuristic US&S “Inductive Train Phone” mounted to the tender deck.
Once out on the road, the PRR’s shop crews and management alike began to modify the exterior to allow access to appliances under the shrouding. But within a few short years, the diesels began to displace the T1s and by 1952, all were in storage never to run again.

After years of extensive research, Glacier Park Models is proud to announce six variations of this legendary locomotive that have never been produced.

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