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Announced Aug 22, 2019
9 versions

The NW-5 was EMD’s early version of a road switcher. Basically a stretched NW-2 on a pair of B-B road trucks, it was given road-sized water and fuel tanks. Powered by a 1,000 hp 567B V-12 engine, it was also equipped with a Vapor-Clarkson boiler for passenger car heating. Manufactured from December 1946 to February 1947, only 13 were built. Ten (10) went to the Great Northern; two (2) went to the Union Belt of Detroit and the last went to the Souther Railway. We will feature various Great Northern and Burlington Northern pain schemes. Included will be F.D.U.D. #2, preserved at the Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum. GN #192 is preserved at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. DC/DCC-ready (21-pin)

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Alco RS/RSD/RS-3m/Hammerhead
Announced Jun 24, 2019
28 versions

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Alco PA Passenger Locomotives
Announced May 30, 2019
38 versions

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UP Turbine Project
Announced May 28, 2019
5 versions

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SP AC Series Cab Forwards
Announced May 05, 2019
12 versions

Addendum Hot News Post from Division Point.- 5/7/2019

As we are in the early stages of putting together this project, a few clarifications are in order. AC classes 7 thru 12 were essentially built from the same plans and were mostly different delivery dates. Each class did embody improvements over the previous class, but most were internal. By the end of steam operations, many of these upgrades had made their way into all of the classes (improved cab, blowdown spreader, improved lubrication etc.) . Likewise the tenders also evolved, but again mostly internally. There were 6 classes of tenders used on the AC-7 thru AC-12 models, the 120R2 being the first. This early tender had the backup light mounted on top of the tank rear, like many others on the roster at the time. With the 120R3 tender, a backup light similar to the headlight on the cab front was added and this stayed in play for all of the last classes of tender for the AC Cab Forwards. I am looking for a photo of a120R2 tender w/ backup light post war (or at least after the Silver panel got painted on the noses of the engines and the windows enlarged). AC-7’s will come with 120R3, or 4 tenders, and will include the hose reel box on the front deck. I will try to do the 120R5, 6 versions, but this will require another truck casting for just a few engines. Most engines swapped tenders during their lifetimes, so almost anything goes. Lots of cool things going on with these engines!

There will be 75 models divided into the 5 classes of engines, and for that class, 3 engine numbers.



Original Hot News Post from Division Point.

There will be 3 engine numbers available for each class, and all will be in the “Post War” paint scheme with the Silver panel on the cab front. All the models will feature the large rectangular 220-R-2 tender. Models will be available Lettered with the Large “Southern Pacific” on the tender sides or in Black (Late) livery. We will be using the latest sound files on the ESU V5 decoder to give you the true experience of hearing these engines as they were in prototype. The lighting will include Headlight, backup light, front and rear markers, stack light, firebox flicker, train indicator and number board lights.

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HO Scale (CRIP) Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Class R-67 "5100" 4-8-4 Northern
Announced Jan 19, 2019
10 versions

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C&O Steam Turbine Class M-1
Announced Aug 23, 2018
11 versions

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D&RGW Caboose
Announced Mar 01, 2018
6 versions

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D&RGW P-44/K-59
Announced Jul 26, 2017
10 versions

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HO Scale Rio Grande Zephyr F-9
Announced Apr 06, 2017
1 versions

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E Units and F Units
Announced Nov 17, 2016
13 versions

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SOO Line Class O-20 4-8-4 Northern
Announced Jul 23, 2012
4 versions

The Chicago Division of the SOO was an exception to the short train, light power operation of the SOO. The SOO main line ran 460 direct miles from the Twin Cities to Chicago, and SOO Mountains and Mikes were not filling the bill. As the Depression waned and traffic volume grew, the SOO in spite of financial difficulties badly needed new locomotives. Like so many other roads, the SOO looked to 4-8-4 dual-service "super-power". In 1938, Lima delivered four 4-8-4 dual-purpose Northerns to the Soo Line. The promptly began racking up 100,000 miles a year each! With 75-inch drivers they could move passenger trains at speed and often ran fast freight twice daily between Chicago and Minneapolis. These locos were well suited to their service and location!

You know how we like Northerns, and it is about time we got around to these SOO engines. The Division Point and Boo-Rim will offer this LIMITED EDITION project all numbers of the class.

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