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HO Scale Brass Hand Built Union Pacific Big Boy

  • This model is from Bill Peters' (P-B-L) personal collection; a COA will be included upon shipment.
  • This model was displayed in our Museum at the 2016 Brass Expo in Chicago! The story cards are included
  • Model does not run, there is no motor installed.  Though the model was clearly designed to run, the motor disappeared decades ago.
  • Amazing Overall Detail for its time
  • Operating Headlight Installed
  • Original Box the model came with (though there is no way to know 100% if it is truly the original box is included)
  • Model will be shipped in a Reboxx.
  • One of the very important models in brass history.
  • As featured in the Summer 2003 PBL Sn3 Dispatch.  A wonderful four page dissertation on Brass Locos - Their 'Roots', which extensively features this very model. (A copy is included)
  • As featured in "The Brass Train Guide Book" page 25.
  • As featured on Season Two of MME Episode 14.  Bill Peter does a great job explaining the story behind the model.
  • An exceptional provenance behind this model.


These early models were built entirely from photographs.  Yet most were scaled quite accurately, albeit lacking the "fine scale detailing" which today's modelers have come to expect.  Notice this Big Boy has only two hatch covers atop the Big Boy's sand domes.  This was because the builder only had SIDE VIEW photos to work from!  How could he have known the hatch covers were in pairs.  Also the tender truck pedestal side-frames are 'hollowed out' and made of copper.  The builder would make a single side frame pattern.  This would be pressed into a substance like our modeling clay which was then painted with an electrically conductive paint, placed in a plating tank, and plated with copper.  Thus the nicely detailed replica of the original was made, some time before the  'Lost Wax' process began to be employed.  Later hand built Big Boys did not use this process.

Every axle on both the loco and tender is sprung.  A lot of extra handwork for sure, and process that did not last long because of all the work.   Steel dies were created which allowed some of the parts to be 'coined'.  However, because of the prohibitively expensive cost of the dies, they were used only for parts that could be used on many models.  This model has coined driver centers, but only one style.  Added to those are hand filed counterweights.  

This model is very rare (1 of a kind) and unique for the great skill that went into building it.  One of the finest models we have seen pass through our shop!

Condition: Excellent - Light Use
Wheel Wear:
Paint: Unpainted
Rarity: Very Rare